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Companies now realize the value of Brand Awareness as being the Most Important Aspect of their Business. To ensure that their Brand or Logo is constantly being Viewed or Noticed, these Companies go to Extraordinary Lengths and One of the Most Cost Effective Medium is considered to be ADS ON

The basic job of the Advertising Agency/Company is to come up with innovative and out of the box ideas to become top Advertising Agency/Company in India. Here, ADS ON come up with innovative and out of the box ideas to provides the corporate awareness to the business of our Advertisers/Clients by their Ads on our Cars at the very low cost where we makes your Adverts reach inside Housing Societies, Office Complexes, Hospitals, local schools, colleges, supermarkets, other Frequently Visited Market Places by Common Public which get constantly being viewed and noticed across locals roads, motorways, regrettably get stuck in traffic jams and seen by millions every year with your brand exposure at the Cheapest Advertising cost comparatively to other outdoor Media.
For Example:- You see a Particular Brand Advert on a Car Parked inside your Residential Society Every Day, It is a Definite that you shall remember the Brand in your Unconscious Mind.


ADS ON is one of the India’s Largest Leading Media Advertisement Company who comes up in the Market with the most Innovative Media for Advertisement which is a Car Ad Wrap Advertising Concept launched by Just In Time Technology Private Limited. We Provide Unique Advertisement on Private Cars and Commercial Cars by Pasting the Designed and Colorful Vinyl Stickers on the Customers Vehicle for Branding and Promotion of our Clients. It is a new Media for Branding & Promotion through which Advertisers Can Increase their Brand Recall Value And Strengthening their Brand Identity by Giving their Business a Professional Image !!!


  • Widespread of Ads ReachOutdoor Advertising is the most visible media exposed to everyone who goes outside of the home to work, school, shop which provides broad coverage and targeted market reach to the Advertiser.
  • Powerful Ad ImpactOutdoor is BIG, BOLD & COLOURFUL. It’s always there and always visible.
  • Visual Spread and ImpactThe continuity of Outdoor Advertising produces a wide visual spread unmatched by any other medium, for example ADS ON
  • FlexibilityOutdoor Advertising can be placed in locations reaching everyone transiting through your specific market area. You can pinpoint your prime target audience exactly.
  • Specific TargetingNot only can you reach mass audiences with Outdoor Advertising, but it also allows for targeting specific communities, ethnic groups, ages, income levels, etc.
  • Repeated Exposure24*7 Outdoor generates repeated exposure, delivering your message over and over again. Contact ADS ON today for your requirements for outdoor advertising in Pan India.


ADS ON is Vehicle advertising concept like advertisement on cars, which happens to be the first of its kind in India. ADS ON is the most innovative media for advertisement on the cheapest cost comparatively to other media which can provide good advertisements with assured business development as well as connectivity of million customers with their brands. ADS ON is a unique concept through which we can directly connect our customers families with our associated advertiser who use our concept for their company branding and promotions via advertisement on our customer cars.

We do offer corporate expert and professional application support across 1 Tier, 2 Tiers, 3 Tier and 4 Tier Cities in India. Apart from our core criteria we provide 360-degree advertising solution to our clients by providing them all the leading innovative media options but we are specialized in the advertisement of cars with the concept of Vehicle wraps. ADS ON Marketing has been established with the sole aim to save your time by planning and buying your outdoor advertising. We work with all the major media owners to provide you with a bespoke outdoor advertising and activation program on Pan India.


  •  We provide Car Rallies to our clients with Media Coverage in Newspapers, News Channels regarding to the Social Car Rallies with Clients Advertisement on our customers vehicle etc.
  •  Guaranteed Sales regarding to the Advertiser Products, Services etc.
  •  Assured Connectivity of Customers with your brand
  •  Assured Business Development via our fixed customer network in India.
  •  Free Digital Promotions like Facebook Promotion, Whats App Promotion, Youtube Promotion via Videos, Pictures, Client’s Product Feedback, Client’s Service Feedback etc.
  •  Assured Connectivity of Customers to your Brand via our promotional and extra beneficial schemes.


  • Super Impact-able with Super Low Cost
  •  Guaranteed Sales and Assured Business Development
  •  Assured Connectivity of Customers with your brand
  •  Same Prices for Car Movement in Prime Locations
  •  Exceptional coverage – on show all day every day– in all areas
  • New platform for your business
  •  Create a buzz. Create excitement
  •  Super High Visibility
  •  Super Targeting
  •  Peer-to-Peer Marketing
  •  Vibrant communication
  •  Cut through the media clutter


The Outdoor Advert Campaigns till now have been Lacking the Brand Recall Value; which the Advertiser wants to achieve as against to any other Medium of Advertisements.

The Outdoor Advertising Campaigns till date i.e. Road-Hoardings, Bus Shelter Hoardings, Train Station Hoarding etc do not have the essence of being in the view of the Consumer Constantly and hence the Brand Recall Value is Minimal.

Advertisement is the foundation of good business. For your company to grow into the scale that you are dreaming of, you should know all about the best ways to promote a product. One that is increasingly growing popular today is the advertisement through public transportation, most specifically taxis. 

These vehicles go anywhere in the city and it is seen by a wide range of audiences that will be beneficial for your company. 

Additionally, it offers a fun way for you to try outdoor advertising. Check out the information below to know more about cab advertisements and why you should try them out for your company.

What is cab advertising? 

Cab advert is any promotion posted on top of, inside of or anywhere around a taxi. Since a taxi is an average-sized vehicle, it costs less to advertise with it so it would be perfect for start-up businesses that don’t have a huge budget planned out for ads.

Most of the ads featured on taxis target the people who see it, not the person inside it. With that said, it has more exposure compared to other ads featured inside vehicles. We highly recommend it for those who want to be on top of their game since taxis act as moving billboards and it attracts the same amount of attention or maybe even more than still ads. 

If you do intend to use this method of advertisement, we recommend buying space in a fleet of cabs and not just one since it will help with your brand’s exposure. You can find a lot of opportunities in major urban environments so make sure that you pick cabs situated in those areas. 

What is the cost of a taxi advertisement?

Rates for cab adverts depend on where you want your ads to be featured. If you are in a popular area, the cost will be much higher but the return of investment would make up for it. The general pricing for ads costs at least $30 per cab and that is for the cheapest taxis out there outside of the metro. 

For the more expensive cabs, the rate goes up to $2,000. If you advertise on a fleet, the price per cab will be reduced to at least half the price. Remember that the more cabs you hire, the more effective your promotion would be. We recommend hiring a fleet since it is the most efficient and not to mention cheap. 

Types of taxi ads

There are different types of taxi advertisements and knowing the difference of each one would help you determine which would be best for your brand. Take a look at all the types of cab promotions below: 

  • Taxi wrap ads

Wrap ads are the promotions printed on vinyl and plastered all over the cab. It can cover the vehicle completely or only partially

  • Taxi top advertising

Top advertising often uses LCD screens on top of the cab. It is eye-catching since it lights up

  • Taxi trunk ads

This type of ad works best in traffics since people behind you can take their time reading through the ad

  • Taxi interior advertising

This type of ad includes promotions on digital screens attached to the back of the seats. It is not common since it only appeals to selected audiences.