The Most Innovative Media for Advertisement

ADS ON is one of the India’s Largest Leading Media Advertisement Company. It is a Car Ad Wrap Advertising Concept launched by Just In Time Technology Private Limited in the year 2013. We Provide Unique Advertisement on Private Cars and Commercial Cars by Pasting the Designed and Colorful Vinyl Stickers on the Customers Vehicle for Branding and Promotion of our Clients. It is a Vehicle Advertising Concept like advertisement on cars wherein our Customers like Private Cars Owners and Commercial Cars Owners will get Rental Amount on the basis of Advertisement placed on their vehicle which will help the Customers as a Additional Source of Income to them

Apart from our core criteria, We provide 360-degree advertising solution to our clients by providing them all the leading innovative media options but we are specialized in the advertisement of cars with the concept of Vehicle wraps. We also provide Advertisement Services on Buses, Mobile Vans, Metro Train, Metro Pillars, Mall Floors & Pillars, Mega Mart Floor & Pillars, etc.


ADS ON CAAR.comĀ is providing the opportunities for Income source to the customers, Wherein Customers can registered their Private and Commercial Cars with us and Company will provide the Rental Amount as the Scheme Participation Charges on the basis of Advertisement placed on the vehicle of the Customers.

How & Why

We will Help the Customers to Provide them the Source of Income which will Help the Customers to get a Income Source of Earning ?

We will use the customers vehicle for advertisements of our client’s Brand / Products / Services. We will paste the designed and colorful vinyl stickers on the customers cars for branding and promotion and In-return of that we will provide Rental Amount to the Customers on the basis of Advertisement placed on their vehicle which will help the customers to get a income source of earning. One day it will be a profitable step for the customers those who will get registered with us. They just need to keep themselves patience-full for some time to get a lifetime additional income source through us and can help us to reduce the unemployment from our India

We have Launched 4 Income Models For ADS ON Customers

  •  Monthly Rental Income via Pasting of Advertisement on their Cars.
  •  Income in Lakhs by Registered Customer Code.
  •  Earning Opportunity in Lakhs from Home.
  •  Special Benefit from advertisers of ADS ON

Extra Benefits After Registered with

  • We Organize Car Rally Periodically with Advertiser as a Prime Sponsor in which Random Customers of ADS ON CAAR will get extra benefit from the company whose name will come in Lucky Draw
  • As per the tie-up of the Company with Malls, Jewelry Showrooms, Hospitals, Hotels, Footwear Showrooms, Real Estate, Function Halls, Schools, Educational Institutes etc. The Registered Customers of the Company will get the Extra Percentage of Discount (Special Discount) rather than the other general customers